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The idea for this project sprung when the founder noticed pleas for help in regard to missing people were not getting the attention that they require through media moguls and police alike. The Missing Report was born in an attempt to create a reliable source for the people of every division to know about missing people in their area without having to do a great deal of research.

The Missing Report's crew takes time out of their day, everyday, to search a combination of hundreds of sources, both on social media and otherwise, and creates noticeable, eye-catching and well versed reports, then takes it a step further by sharing these reports to local social media in an effort to garner the largest possible number of readers so that word about these missing people is spread as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We understand that every minute counts when a loved one has gone missing. We're here for you. We're here to help spread the word about your missing loved ones. Please, join us.


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This is a list of all divisions The Missing Report has available to the public as of January 2017.
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Additional divisions will continuously be getting added to our list.

The Missing Report was founded in September 2016.