Our ultimate goal is to do whatever we can to help spread the word about your missing loved ones.

Missing Report was founded in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in September 2016.
Some of the Missing Report Management and Volunteers got together!
A small portion of Missing Report management & volunteers got together for the first time! Sherwood Park, Alberta, May 2017

We are a team of 25 individuals residing in Canada and the United States who have come together as one to take on 76 separate states, provinces, regions, islands and countries around the world, and create & spread the word about local missing person reports in these places. We’re doing what we do to fix a global issue, and the way we see it is, it does not matter where you live. If you want to help out with a global issue, you can, and you will help out with a global issue. 🙂

The reason you can rely on Missing Report to get the word out there about your missing loved ones is quite simple. We’re a team of volunteers with huge hearts and time to spare in our day-to-day lives, so we’ve each decided to do something about a problem that existed along many areas throughout Canada; which we soon found out was in fact a globally recognized issue.
Missing Report was born after Jody Mitoma had noticed he was writing a lot of missing person reports on his local, provincial and national news website Edmonton Talks News. Instead of only reaching his Edmonton Talks News followers, he decided to create Alberta Missing Report in mid-September, 2016. Alberta Missing Report grew quickly, reaching over 4,000 likes on Facebook in less than 6 month’s time, and is now being run by Jasmine Hayes.

That same month, he decided to create Ontario Missing Report (being born in Ontario himself). Britanie Leclair, someone who has never been hesitant to take on new projects with Jody (thank you so much for that, by the way), decided to take on Ontario Missing Report in late-September, 2016, and is still with us today. (You rock!)

A month later, in October, 2016, Jalynne Blaize heard about Missing Report and Jody Mitoma through a mutual friend, and ultimately decides to join Missing Report. Little would anyone ever know, that just three months later, Jalynne would be offered to become the Project Manager of Missing Report, which she accepts with absolute pleasure and gratitude. (I couldn’t be happier with how absolutely incredibly hard-working you have been. Thank you for everything, again, Jalynne.) Aside from being the Project Manager, Jalynne is also the Hiring Manager, who single-handedly takes care of all our new volunteers wishing to join our ever-growing team, and on top of all that, she also runs Saskatchewan Missing ReportManitoba Missing ReportAtlantic Canada Missing Report, and Arkansas Missing Report. (I simply couldn’t ask for a better business partner.)

Since then, others, such as the lovely Terah Abel (running Western Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Northern Canada & British Columbia Missing Report), Erin Shaw (running Louisana, Georgia, Mississippi & Alabama Missing Report), Jennifer Danielson (running California, Orgeon & Washington State Missing Report), Randi Bintz (running Ireland & England Missing Report), Katy Yorke (running Pennsylvania & Florida Missing Report), Gail Lachance (running Maryland & Washington D.C. Missing Report) and Ava LaFrance (running Tennessee, Michigan & Missouri Missing Report) were the next eight to join our team, so a great big thank you to our veteran volunteers for sticking around for so long!
Missing Report started in Alberta, quickly expanded to Ontario, then Canada-wide. Then it expanded into the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland, a couple heavily-populated English-speaking Caribbean islands, Guyana out of South America and finally, Singapore out of Asia. As of May 2017, there are 76 divisions in total, and we’re continuing to grow and won’t be stopping anytime soon.
Our ultimate goal is to have a Missing Report division in every state, province, region, island and country with a population of at least 250,000 people and at least 35% of its population connected to the internet, but this will be impossible without the help of people who live in these countries, or at least speak the country’s native tongue and English as well.

Jody Mitoma
Founder & Owner
Heya, everyone! I'm Jody Mitoma and I founded Missing Report back in September of 2016 after noticing that a lot of missing persons reports weren't getting enough attention in my home city of Edmonton, Alberta. I noticed this because I am also the founder of Edmonton Talks News, which is a local news outlet for the city, province and nation.

I am also the founder and owner of Shoutout Canada, which has divisions up Sudbury, ON, Toronto, ON, Calgary, AB and Edmonton, AB! Go and check those out if you'd like!

Since starting Missing Report, our team has grown from just myself and a couple of others in September, to a team of over 30 incredible people across Canada, the United States, and even the Oceania area!
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Jalynne Blaize
Project/Hiring Manager & Report Editor
My name is Jalynne and I'm 26 years old; born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada.

I joined Missing Report because I believed it could be a way to really make an impact in the world, big or small. The opportunities I've had already, and the people I continue to meet everyday absolutely astound me, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I'm truly blessed to be able to say we've been able to make a difference in the short time we've been around, and I know we'll only continue to help families bring missing loved ones home and find closure. I'm so proud to be apart of this, and I know everything we do is so very necessary as the spotlight is not normally shifted towards missing people, and I believe that needs to change all over the world.
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Terah Abel
Running British Columbia, Northern Canada, Scotland, Western Australia, and New Zealand Missing Report
My name is Terah. I have one adult daughter and a tiny geriatric dog that I love more than life.

Due to unforeseen medical issues I have been unable to work and therefore I spend a lot of time at home and online. It was taking its toll on me. I then discovered Missing Report. It has given me an opportunity to help people and to feel like I am contributing to something worthwhile.

My love and admiration for Missing Report and its team members is beyond words. I am proud to belong to such an amazing organization.
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Erin Shaw
Running Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi & Alabama Missing Report
Hi, I'm Erin Shaw, I'm a crime journalist for Crimewatch Canada and a horror fiction writer.

I think social media is too powerful a tool not to use when trying to locate missing people. When a crime is committed, tips from the public are more often than not the keys to breaking a case. The same can be true for locating the missing. This is why having a database of missing persons with all current available information is crucial.
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Jasmine Hayes
Running Alberta Missing Report
Hello my name is Jasmine Hayes, mother of 2 boys.

Last year when I had a family member go missing, no one cared, police didn't seem to concerned because of the lifestyle of the family member. Jody and Missing Report reached out to me and offered me so much needed help and support. This is why I have joined the team to give people that glimmer of hope when every other door they have tried seemed to close. They gave me hope when I felt as everyone gave up!
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Katy Yorke
Running Pennsylvania & Florida Missing Report
Hey! I'm Katy, I am a mother of 2 + 2 bonus and a Mormor to one beautiful boy. Born on the Coast of California and transplanted to Canada, I've come to love the full four seasons and the beautiful place in Alberta, I call home.

I am the Owner/Artisan of FantasyFx Jewelry and I am very passionate about making all kinds of jewelry, but I mostly lean toward spiritual, healing pieces.

Being a very sensitive person, I have always been called to help all people in every situation and now I have found my place, with Missing Report, and it fulfills my need to help families reunite.
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Lisa Barron
Running Quebec & Illinois Missing Report
Hello Missing Report world! I am a 44 year old, full-time Enterprise Architect in the Oil and Gas Industry, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

What is quite easy to tell you, is this quirky girl absolutely cannot live without the embrace of an animal and will drop everything to rescue, train, heal, or love one …or more likely many! However, like animals, humans have a story to tell as well but, too often need the chance to come home and share it….

That is why I am here. I look forward to sharing from the Quebec and Illinois Missing Report Divisions that I am honored to edit for, as many life stories as I possibly can. Much love!
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Randi Bintz
Running England & Ireland Missing Report
I joined Missing Report at a time in my life when I was losing focus of what I wanted to accomplish and needed to be a part of something meaningful.

I hope to be able to help missing persons and their loved ones, as much as Missing Report and it's incredible team, has helped me.
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Odie Batez
Running Utah Missing Report
Hi! My name is Odie! (It's a nickname. Don't worry, my parents didn't love Garfield comics that much LOL). So, I joined Misssing Report because I've always been passionate about helping people, near and far.

I've always wanted to do something to try and make even the smallest difference in someone's life. Since I was a kid I'd watch shows like AMW, or Unsolved Mysteries. I kept saying I would grow up and help those people find their loved ones.

And Well, here I am now. Doing whatever I can to help. I've always believed that some effort is better than no effort.
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Jaime Turok-Penna
Running Colorado, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine & Idaho Missing Report
My name is Jaime and I grew up and still reside on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I love travelling, reading, and hiking!

I noticed that there were so many missing people not being acknowledged and shared to the public. This was definitely something that was needed. I feel so honored to be a part of this.
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Anne Kouvas
Running Jamaica, Greece & Cyprus Missing Report
I'm a mom of 1 gorgeous girl and 2 handsome boys. I love to cook and love all people. It's a passion of mine to reunite all missing loved ones. I was thrilled when I found Missing Report. This is something that can definitely make an impact on reuniting all those lost people with their loved ones. This is such an amazing group of people and I am honoured to be a part of the team.
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Alysha Wolf
Running Minnesota, South Dakota & West Virginia Missing Report
Hi I'm Alysha, I am a stay at home mom of an amazing little boy and married to the most wonderful man in the world.

I joined Missing Report because I wanted to help make a difference in the lives of those that are missing, and I wanted to support their families by showing them that we care about their loved ones and want to help bring them home. Missing Report is so desperately needed because you don't often see the faces of those that are missing in your day to day life. Posters are great but at Missing Report it's taken a step further by the faces of those missing becoming infused in your day to day life on social media.

If Missing Report helps bring one loved one home it will be worth it! We are all one! We are all connected! We are all family!
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Alexandra MacLaren
Running Kansas Missing Report
I'm currently a student in Alberta, Canada at Grant MacEwan University. In my spare time I love to play football.

I'm currently working towards attaining my degree in social work so when the opportunity to help with the Missing Report arose I was excited to join the team and help families find their loved ones.
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Jennifer Danielson
Running California, Oregon & Washington Missing Report
Hello everyone, I work full-time and when I am not chasing after my 6 year or at my full-time job, I am working for Missing Report.

I joined MR because I wanted to give back, and because I wanted to give a voice to those that are missing and support the families that are looking for loved ones.
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Tracey Nickel
Running Nebraska Missing Report
Hi! So a little about me, 46, married, 3 kids,one rambunctious 3 year old granddaughter, and 3 dogs.

I joined up with Missing Report because in November of 2015, my nephew went missing. We used social media to get the word out and we were amazed by not only the places it got to, but the people who would message encouragement etc. He unfortunately had taken his own life but I have seen the power that putting missing people out on the internet can harness, and I'm committed to help others find their loved ones.
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Right now we are in dire need of bilingual individuals that speak both English and a second language, so that we can create a division for you out of an international country. We need Spanish speaking individuals to run divisions out of Mexico and other South America countries, and we need French speaking individuals to run divisions out of France. If you are interested in joining, please tell us a little bit about yourself at hr@missing.report. You'll hear back from us within 48 hours.
All of our Missing Report websites combined receive over 20,000 hits every day, so what we are doing does seem to be working, and we will continue to provide this service free of charge for the duration of our existence. We are reliable in that we make sure to update in accordance with local police, media and close family in the case of missing persons submitted by request using each individual division's submission forms.
Our posters (featured images) were designed to be legible and eye-catching when printed on paper so that this way, our missing person posters could be distributed locally to help spread the word about missing people around the world. Several families have purchased poster-sized, and even billboard-sized printouts of our posters, and we absolutely welcome you to do this with open arms, or simply print them out on your home or work printer.

Check out our introduction video for 2017:

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about who we are and where we come from!